Achievement Unlocked Level Up

It has been a busy past few weeks. Here’s what happened.

Moving Company Assessment

unlocked_level_upThe moving company sends an assessor to your home to estimate the amount of HG&E. This information allows the company to send the right number of boxes and packing material. Because this is an overseas move and all of our HG&E must pass through U.S. Customs, the moving company needed to know on what date and at which airport we would arrive in order to link the HG&E with us.

We could not provide that information because we couldn’t book our flights until we were in possession of our U.S. visas

U.S. Visas

We applied for our U.S. Visas. The application process starts online. There are many questions to answer such as U.S. address and employer information. We also had to list all of our trips to the U.S. over the past 5 years as well as any other countries we’ve visited over the past 5 years. Once the online process was completed, we sent our passports via a secure shipping company from home to the U.S. Embassy in London so the visas could be issued.

Once we were in possession of our U.S. visas, we could proceed with other aspects of the move.

Booking Flights

We are not permitted to book our own flights. Our Relocation Advisor provides that service but we are allowed to state our preferences for flights. When we were on our HHT, we flew from London, Heathrow directly to Dallas/Fort Worth (9 hours) and only had a 90-minute wait before our flight to San Antonio. This time, we’ve opted for a shorter flight, from London, Heathrow to Newark, New Jersey (5 hours). We will have a 2.5-hour stopover in Newark before boarding our flight to San Antonio. This will allow us plenty time to clear customs and security with our 6 suitcases.

Uncluttering and Home Inventory

We sold our U.K. car. We’ve sold or donated almost everything that we are not taking with us. We still need to get rid of food, some cosmetics and other household supplies (e.g. soaps, shampoos) but we can’t do that until the last minute.

The inventory of our household goods will be completed today (yay!)

We have our HG&E ready. We have visas. We have plane tickets.

Achievement unlocked. Level Up.

5 thoughts on “Achievement Unlocked Level Up

  1. Have a safe move and an exciting new adventure in Texas. We’re posted to Norfork Virginia. ..packers arrive this Thursday…movers load Friday. ..clean on Saturday. ..then way we go!
    Love military life (honestly ). There’s no life like it!!!!

  2. You use a lot of unexplained acronyms, but I’m fascinated by your moving stories and trying to follow everything. 😉 What’s “HG&E”? Googling was not helpful…

    1. Thanks for the comment Kathryn. I didn’t realize the tag in WordPress was no longer working. I’ve added the tag so you should see the pop-ups if you hover over the acronyms now.
      HG&E is household goods and effects. It’s a pretty long phrase for “stuff” 😉

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