Reflections on (almost) one year in Texas

Now that we have lived in Texas for almost one year, I thought I would take the time to reflect on a couple of my experiences.


The United States is one of three countries in the world that have not adopted the metric system. For someone who was educated using only the metric system, imperial units are extremely confusing, not to mention mentally taxing.

How many metres in a kilometre? The prefix “kilo” means thousand so there are 1000 metres in one kilometre.

How many yards in a mile? Who the hell knows.

I was using the Google Map app on my iPhone as a navigation system in my car but when it politely said, “In one thousand feet, turn left,” I had no idea how far that was. I now navigate with Apple Maps because I can set the default to metric units regardless of what country I’m in. Not so for Google Maps.

I’ve given up listening to the radio for weather reports. All I can remember about Fahrenheit is the Foreigner song, Hot Blooded where he’s “got a fever of one hundred and three.” If it’s a fever, it’s hotter than body temperature so there’s no way I’m venturing outside.

Celsius is SO easy. Just remember this little poem:

Zero is freezing.
Ten is not.
Twenty is pleasing.
Thirty is hot.


I learned the difference between “you,” “y’all,” and “all y’all.”

you y'all all y'all

I do not say “aboot,” and no my American friend, I’m not going to say, “out and about” just to amuse you. I don’t ask you to speak “cowboy” and laugh at you.

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