Another year, another move

Late yesterday evening, we got a posting message — orders to move. After only 366 days after we arrived in San Antonio, we found out that we are headed back to Canada — Winnipeg, MB!

The COS date on our posting message is 14 August 2017 but we probably have until the end of August to complete the move — a mere 6 weeks to complete an international move.

During this time we will have to:

  • Do a DIT (hopefully we can move into military housing). If not we’ll have to do the full HHT to find a civilian house to rent.
  • Do a complete household inventory in order to clear customs. Fortunately, our previous one isn’t that out of date so we can use that as our basis.
  • Prepare to import to Canada the two cars we bought in the U.S. ensuring they meet Canadian road safety standards.
  • Do all the other stuff necessary to move like:
    • address changes
    • enrolling the kid in new school and arrange transfer of records
    • arrange for utilities to be disconnected at old location and connected at new location
    • contact doctors, dentists, specialists and get copies of medical records
    • etc.

How do I feel about moving to Winnipeg?

I think I’m going to like Winnipeg (also known as Winterpeg). The climate is much more suitable for me. I’m not a big fan of the heat in San Antonio. I think I was only really comfortable here from December to February.

We have several friends already in Winnipeg including one I’ve known since grade school and another since high school plus several military families we’ve met over the years.

I’ll be sad to leave the friends I’ve made here in Texas but that’s military life.

3 thoughts on “Another year, another move

  1. Wow… was San Antonio a one year post???
    Id love to get a return to Canada post lol. Our was 3 yrs so we have 2 more years here in Norfolk Va.
    Wishing you a smooth transition back to Canada.

    1. It was supposed to be a 3 year posting. However, things change and we’re on our way again! Glad it’s back to Canada. It’s too hot in Texas.

      1. Well I will live vicariously through you then while I patiently wait for the remaining 24 mths left to go. LOL
        Safe travels.

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