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Nine signs that you’re going to be posted – Murphy’s Law

July 22, 2017

Several people have asked me how you know you’re going to be posted. The real answer is that the military uses a complex method of succession planning which takes into account available jobs and their requirements, the skills and availability of military personnel, any compassionate reasons a member might need to be in a certain location as well as the members’ personal preferences.

Normally, military members are given at least three to six months’ notice before a posting. Sometimes it is a year’s notice if the posting is overseas and language training is required. Occasionally, members don’t get much notice but generally that only happens if there is an event such as an unforeseen early retirement that was not accounted for in the succession plan.

After having lived through ten military moves, I’ve noticed there are certain “Murphy’s Law” indicators that a posting message is soon to arrive.

  1. You see people out of context. This means you see people you know but not in the place you know them from. For example, one time I saw my horse riding teacher’s husband at the orthodontist’s office. Up until that point, I had only ever seen him at the farm and even then, only occasionally. I visited the orthodontist (with one of my kids) only once every two months. So, to see that guy in that place was very out of the ordinary. Two weeks later, we got a posting message.
  2. You can drive around without a GPS and not get lost. Recently, I had to take my daughter to her driving lesson. Our usual route was under construction and I managed to take another route without using the GPS and I did not get lost.
  3. You find the best place to do your favourite activity or you’ve just started a new activity. When you arrive in a new city, it might take you a few months to find somewhere to do your favourite activity. For example, you might go to several yoga studios before you find an instructor/class that is right for you. Or, you may have decided to start a new hobby such as painting. Whatever it is, you can be almost guaranteed that once you’re comfortable, you’ll receive a posting message.
  4. You’re comfortable in your job and considering seeking advancement.
  5. You’re recognized by grocery store cashiers and bank tellers.
  6. You’ve just finished a mega-shop at “big box store” and fully restocked all the products the movers won’t take.
  7. You’ve found excellent service providers (e.g. hair dresser, baby sitter, esthetician, etc.).
  8. You’ve finally hung all your pictures on the walls.
  9. The moving company tags from your previous move have all been removed from the furniture.

Are there any other signs you’ve noticed?

  1. Sandra Hollywood permalink
    July 22, 2017 10:50

    That’s funny!!! Good post!

  2. Allison permalink
    July 22, 2017 12:40

    10. The career managers says “Don’t worry, your not posted”.

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