Happy 2018

Rebel_sm.JPGThe last three months of 2017 were fortunately rather quiet but there are a few events to highlight.

In October, a new family member joined us, Rebel. He’s a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Lab cross (we think).

Our son came from Ottawa to visit us on his reading week in October then again over the Christmas holidays.

Our daughter is in the process of applying to various universities in Ontario.

We’ve had to re-learn what winter is all about. With two vehicles, we had to buy two sets of snow tires. We had block heaters installed in both vehicles too. We think it was worth the investment as the temperatures are bitterly cold.

It has been a quiet fourth quarter and we’re thankful since we had such a hectic summer.

Thanks to all of my readers and I wish the best for everyone in 2018.

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