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Posting 2019 – Here we go – or don’t go as the case may be

March 1, 2019

afghanistan flagThe 2019 CANFORGEN for Colonel / Captain (Navy) Promotions, Appointments and Retirements has been released. My husband’s name is on it. He is taking a one year posting as a Canadian Defence Attaché (CDA) in Kabul, Afghanistan.

This is an unaccompanied posting meaning the family does not move to Afghanistan. We will remain in Canada for the year he is abroad. He will have the opportunity to return home on holidays a few times during the year so it won’t be like he is gone for an entire 12 months.

Since this is a posting not a deployment, the entire family had to go through the screening process even though we are not moving outside of Canada. This is to ensure that there are no outstanding issues that would require my husband to be repatriated before the end of his term.

We are all in good health. There are no outstanding issues. He has the green light.

Although he is moving to Kabul, his dependents (me) and HG&E will be moving to Ottawa as soon as we receive orders. I have asked to move to Ottawa (the only thing I have ever asked for in the past 28 years) because both children and my extended family are in that region. If anything happened to either child, I could not get from Winnipeg to Ottawa easily. It is only a two-hour flight but I would have no place to stay nor would I have a vehicle when I arrived. If I were going for any length of time, I would have to take the dog with me. It would be a three to four-day trip by car maybe longer if the weather was bad. Ottawa is where I need to be.

Keep your eye on this space over the next few months because I’ll be writing about our upcoming moving adventures.

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  1. John MacIntyre permalink
    March 1, 2019 19:26

    Karen and I send our best to the whole family…glad to hear Ottawa is an option. Your Texas friends hope all goes well for everyone.

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