Canadian Army Mom

My husband was back home from abroad for almost two weeks. During that time, our younger daughter had her graduation parade from Basic Training in the Army Reserves. The whole family did a quick trip from Ottawa to watch and cheer her on.

A few days later, my husband travelled back to his post overseas. Fortunately, he was back at his post before the COVID-19 situation got any worse. Many CAF members have had their holiday leave cancelled. It is a sad and stressful time for military families who have members serving abroad.

If you are a civilian reading this, please know that some military families are new to your city/town. They may not know where to turn to for help. They may not have any family or friends they can rely on if they get sick. They likely don’t even have a family doctor. Please reach out and offer support where you can. Do a grocery run for them. Let them know what resources are available. Phone, text, reach out on social media. Social distancing does not mean ignoring our neighbours.

Stay safe everyone!

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