Basic Acronyms & Definitions

I’m slowly adding all the acronyms to this page. If you find an acronym that you think should be here or you want further explanation of an acronym, please send me a message.

CAF – Canadian Armed Forces

CFAO – Canadian Forces Administrative Orders (see also QR&O)

CFHA – Canadian Forces Housing Agency – Home Page

CFIRP – Canadian Forces Integrated Relocation Program

CFMWS – Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services – Home Page

CFPSA – Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency – Home Page

COS Date – Change of Strength Date

CT – Component Transfer – transferring between Regular Forces and Reserve Forces

DAG – Departure Assistance Group

DCBA – Directorate of Compensation Benefits Administration – Home Page

DF&E – Dependants, furniture and effects, see also D/HG&E

D/HG AND E or (D)HG&E – Dependants, household goods and effects, see also DF&E

DIN – Defence IntrAnet Computer network, like a really big, highly secure LAN

DIT – Destination Inspection Trip – taken in place of an HHT when the domicile has already been secured at the destination

DND – Department of National Defence – Home Page

DAOD – Defence Administrative Orders and Directives. These have replaced the CFAOs and KR&Os

ENG – English

FOL – First Official Language

FRE – French

HHT – House Hunting Trip – taken to secure domicile at destination

IAW – in accordance with

IO – internal order

IRP – Integrated Relocation Program – Home Page

KR&O – King’s Regulations and Orders (see also CFAO & DAOD). These were previously known as the QR&O until the death of Queen Elizabeth.

MBR – member, that means the person employed in the military

MFRC – Military Family Resource Centre – the community centre for military families. About the MFRCs

MQ – see PMQ

NDHQ – National Defence Headquarters – Home Page

PLCC – Personal Liability and Clearance Certificate

PMQ – private married quarters, military housing, the neighbourhood where PMQ’s are located is also called a “Q-patch” These are now called RHUs

PSP – Personnel Support Programs, a division of CFMWS

Q – see PMQ

QR&O – Queen’s Regulations and Orders (see also CFAO & DAOD). On the death of Queen Elizabeth, these were changed to King’s Regulations and Orders, KR&O.

RHU – Residential Housing Unit – Housing owned and managed by the Canadian Forces Housing Agency (CFHA). These were formerly known as PMQ’s or Qs

SEC CL – Security Clearance Level

SL – Second Language