Posting Frustration, Part 2

Well, my hubby asked the chain of command and we have received an email saying that we are now registered with RLRS. My first reaction was HOORAY!  Then I read the rest of the email… Because you (i.e. my hubby) are deployed overseas, your posting details will be handled through the Ottawa office. Here are theContinue reading “Posting Frustration, Part 2”

Posting Frustration, Part 1

I’ve titled it “Part 1” because I KNOW there are going to be more parts. When I received The Posting Message, tried to Start the Posting Process. I sent applied to IRP on February 21st, March 3 and March 16. This is the automated letter I have received 3 times. From: <> Date: March 15,Continue reading “Posting Frustration, Part 1”