Folklorama in Winnipeg

We attended Folklorama this year. It is a huge multi-cultural festival that runs for the first two weeks of August here in Winnipeg. Over 40 pavilions staffed by over 20,000 volunteers participate to showcase authentic foods and displays about other cultures. There is also live entertainment. We purchased a VIP Bus Tour that shuttles visitorsContinue reading “Folklorama in Winnipeg”

Toastmasters: Ice-Breaker

I joined Toastmasters this year to help me develop better public speaking skills. I decided to publish my speeches on my blog. You’ll find them under the Toastmasters category. The first Toastmaster’s speech is the “ice-breaker”. Members are supposed to use this speech to introduce themselves to their Toastmaster’s club. After a few weeks ofContinue reading “Toastmasters: Ice-Breaker”

Kudos to military kids

Back in 1986, the US Secretary of Defense, Casper Weinberger, declared April as the Month of the Military Child to recognize and appreciate the children of military families who cope with the challenges of frequent moves, family separations, and life transitions. I haven’t before mentioned this here on my blog because I have tried toContinue reading “Kudos to military kids”