A Gift of Beautiful Organization

I was right! The overweight baggage did contain gifts for everyone! Here is a picture of my gift. My hubby knows I love to be organized and this gift has 2 things I love, organization and beauty! And YES that is a chewing gum package that is keeping all my earrings organized! P.S. This jewelryContinue reading “A Gift of Beautiful Organization”

Power of Attorney

Before deployment a military member must have a Power of Attorney document prepared by a lawyer or notary (depending on the province). The trustee is usually a spouse but can be a sibling or parent depending on the personal situation of the member. A Power of Attorney is an essential document that allows another personContinue reading “Power of Attorney”

Technology Love it or Leave it?

I LOVE IT! I was visiting enviromom yesterday and she admitted she had never sent a text or a tweet, her cell phone seldom rings and she is not a fan of voicemail. I will admit that I prefer face-to-face communication any day. But what if you can’t get that? What if your spouse isContinue reading “Technology Love it or Leave it?”