The Most Fun Job at Imjin Barracks

Because of the Statute of Forces Agreement (SOFA) and the reciprocity between Canada and the UK, dependants (spouses, children) of Canadian Armed Forces members are eligible to receive work visas for the duration of their overseas posting. If dependents wish to get a job in the UK they must apply for a National Insurance Number,Continue reading “The Most Fun Job at Imjin Barracks”

Parking Ticket & Missing Licence Plates

In 2005, we moved from Quebec City to Toronto. My husband decided to get semi-custom “veterans” licence plates for our vehicle. When we moved to Montreal in 2006, we registered the vehicle in Quebec. The veterans licence plates were still registered to us but “unattached” to a vehicle. We figured we would use them whenContinue reading “Parking Ticket & Missing Licence Plates”

Weird Things in England

Screens The windows have no screens. Bugs fly in. They have mosquitoes here but they’re pretty lame-ass compared to the bird-sized, blood-sucking mosquitoes in Canada. Plumbing The water pipes are all outside, attached to the house – incoming & outgoing water. Toilets & bathtubs empty into sewers that are underground. This photo looks into ourContinue reading “Weird Things in England”