Why Imposed Restriction is sometimes necessary

General’s apartment rental tab picked up by taxpayers for the last seven years. This article in the National Post by David Pugliese caught my attention – and made me rather angry. I’ve written about Imposed Restriction (IR) before and the 2012 budget cuts to IR. I do not know LGen Wynnyk. I do not knowContinue reading “Why Imposed Restriction is sometimes necessary”

A decade of blogging — 27 years as an army wife

In January 2009, I started this blog to document some of my journey as a military spouse. I don’t post as often as some military spouses who have blogs. I earn absolutely no income from this blog. The purpose of my blog was to share the intricacies of military life with family, friends, fellow militaryContinue reading “A decade of blogging — 27 years as an army wife”