The Military Family Vaccination Problem

I’m pretty diligent about keeping our family’s vaccination records but I bet there are not a lot of people that are so diligent. In most provinces, you get a small folded bit of paper at birth (actual size 10x15cm) on which to record all the vaccinations for your entire life. You must keep this littleContinue reading “The Military Family Vaccination Problem”

The Most Fun Job at Imjin Barracks

Because of the Statute of Forces Agreement (SOFA) and the reciprocity between Canada and the UK, dependants (spouses, children) of Canadian Armed Forces members are eligible to receive work visas for the duration of their overseas posting. If dependents wish to get a job in the UK they must apply for a National Insurance Number,Continue reading “The Most Fun Job at Imjin Barracks”

Retirement Postings & Mr. Leslie

The military likes to post soon-to-be-retired members in the area in which they wish to retire. This allows the member to become settled in his/her new neighbourhood. However, not all military members can be posted to their preferred place of retirement. For example, a naval engineer may wish to retire near his/her adult children inContinue reading “Retirement Postings & Mr. Leslie”

The Mess

In the Canadian Armed Forces, there three separate messes exist: Officers Mess (commissioned officers) Warrant Officers and Sergeants Mess Junior Ranks Mess. On many bases, the messes are considered “home” for those who live in quarters. They are also the centre of social life and promote a sense of community on the base or ship.Continue reading “The Mess”