What I Will Miss About England

We’re posted in the summer of 2016. We don’t know where yet but we know we’re leaving England. Here is a list of things I will miss (in no particular order). Great Neighbours – The neighbours on our street are really amazing. Everyone helps everyone else out. Everyone is really friendly. I think it helpsContinue reading “What I Will Miss About England”

Parking Ticket & Missing Licence Plates

In 2005, we moved from Quebec City to Toronto. My husband decided to get semi-custom “veterans” licence plates for our vehicle. When we moved to Montreal in 2006, we registered the vehicle in Quebec. The veterans licence plates were still registered to us but “unattached” to a vehicle. We figured we would use them whenContinue reading “Parking Ticket & Missing Licence Plates”

Retirement Postings & Mr. Leslie

The military likes to post soon-to-be-retired members in the area in which they wish to retire. This allows the member to become settled in his/her new neighbourhood. However, not all military members can be posted to their preferred place of retirement. For example, a naval engineer may wish to retire near his/her adult children inContinue reading “Retirement Postings & Mr. Leslie”

Question from Reader: Moving Houseplants

Question: I’m a huge lover of house plants and have quite the collection of African violets, amaryllis, spider plants, orchids, etc. How do I go about taking them with me? My mother had the same problem with her own house plants, but I can’t ask her how she did it as she is no longerContinue reading “Question from Reader: Moving Houseplants”