Question from Reader: Moving Houseplants

Question: I’m a huge lover of house plants and have quite the collection of African violets, amaryllis, spider plants, orchids, etc. How do I go about taking them with me? My mother had the same problem with her own house plants, but I can’t ask her how she did it as she is no longerContinue reading “Question from Reader: Moving Houseplants”

Posting Frustration, Part 1

I’ve titled it “Part 1” because I KNOW there are going to be more parts. When I received The Posting Message, tried to Start the Posting Process. I sent applied to IRP on February 21st, March 3 and March 16. This is the automated letter I have received 3 times. From: <> Date: March 15,Continue reading “Posting Frustration, Part 1”